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Okay, so this is the beginning of a new game. It is my hope that everyone who received and invite is going to be able to play. I think that I would like to play every other Sunday, alternating with Clay F.’s Ptolus game, but that is something that is open to discussion.

This will be an AE game. I am not sure what level you guys want to start with, but I am thinking between first and third. What I want out of the game is a chance to tell a story and play with our imaginations. But I want to know what you want out of teh game too. I will be coming up with some questions to that effect and sending them out to you, but if you could start thinking about it in advance, that might help to articulate game goals that my questions don’t anticipate.

I have a rough outline for the first arc, and I have some ideas for adventures beyond that. I will probably try to create some 4-6 hour games that I will then be able to run at GenCon.

I would like to use this site to organize and discuss the game.

Before I close, I want for you guys to start thinking about what you want to play (being mindful of the AE world and classes) and the story you want to tell. Think big.


Round 2:

As you think about your characters, consider these sourcebooks as in-bounds: Arcana Evolved Arcana Unearthed (I will allow the old Mojh racial levels from this) Mystic Secrets Transcendence The Monster Manual (some races do not appear in AE) The Poisoncrafter’s Handbook Legacy of the Dragons

I will be using these, as well as some old Fantasy Flight supplements, and various other creature books.

We will not have guns.

Things that you should be thinking about: What do you want for your character to become? How do you feel about PC death? Should I use kid gloves, or show no mercy? Do you want a mechanic for a dramatic death? Bear in mind that AE’s magic is not as accommodating of resurrection. Are there some things that you definitely do not want to see?


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